Thank you for choosing to End Domestic Violence! 100% of your donation benefits Quality Day Foundation, which exists to help survivors of domestic violence.

Every bracelet that is purchased, one is given to survivor. 

Together we can do something positive, but remember it starts with YOU.



The saying of you feel how you look goes beyond just your clothes these days. Your accessories matter just as much as the attire. Wearing accessories that inspire, motivate, and that are symbolic to you can also create the positive energy you need. That's why a good go to piece for vibes and energy can be found at Bead The Purpose with their inspirational bracelets. 

It's crazy how you can look down at your arm and your bracelet can uplift you or motivate you. Definitely worth buying and keeping for the long haul!

Join Us In Making A Difference!

Bracelet Details 

Bead The Purpose bracelets are made with high grade 403 nickel and lead free stainless steel to insure the bracelet will not tarnish, change color, or rust. Bracelets are stretch bracelets made with double banded elastic for comfortable fit.  Our bracelets are made with different inspiration words. All of our bracelets are handmade with LOVE.


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